Create DAS Wallet Account

DAS Wallet Account Creation

To create your Wallet Account please follow simple steps as below:

  1. Visit, Digital Asset Solution Coin home page screen will be shown like below, click “DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT? CLICK HERE TO CREATE ONE!”
Figure 1
  1. Passphrase creation form will be shown as below
Figure 2

There are two options you can choose on how to create the passphrase.

  • First option is to create the passphrase by yourself by entering the desired passphrase at the Passphrase field and enter the same at the Repeat field, and then click on “register” button for next process. To guaranteed the security level of the passphrase, minimum of 35 characters for the passphrase are mandatory.
  • Second option is to ask the system to generate the passphrase automatically by click on “Want to Automate create passphrase? Click here”
  1. in the case of option 2 are chosen, Passphrase creation form will be shown as below:
Figure 3

System automatically create Passphrase for your new account as shown inside the box below:

Figure 4

Attention: It’s important for you to write down the word on the passphrase on paper, it will be use for the next process.

  1. Click “Next” Button, form entry passphrase will be shown as below:
A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated
Figure 5

Type your complete passphrase in the text box above. Make sure to type correctly as per your written passphrase. Then, click “Next”.

If there is a typo, system will be shown error message as below:

Figure 6
  1. On successful passphrase entry, system will direct you to the Dashboard page as below:
Figure 7
  1. Congratulation! your account successfully created. Your Wallet account will be appearing on the top left of the Dashboard page:
Figure 8