My Transaction


To get more detail information about your transaction, please visit My Transaction screen. Through this page you will get all the information related to your transaction.

How to Access

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. From Dashboard, select My Transaction menu (Figure 1)
Figure 1
  1. My Transaction screen will be shown as below (Figure 2)
Figure 2

On the top of the table, you will find various of icon, in which by click on this icon, system will filter the transaction list on the table based on the icon you are selected. find below the icon purpose :

Figure 3 – To filter the Payment transaction only
Figure 4 – To filter transaction type Message/Voting/Aliases only
Figure 5 – To filter Asset Exchange transaction only
Figure 6 – To filter Account Control transaction only
Figure 7 – To filter only Unconfirmed transaction only
Figure 8 – To filter Phasing Transaction only
  1. To get more detail about your listed transaction, click at the Date, transaction detail info will be shown as below : There are 3 tab option that you can select to get more detail about your transaction information. First tab is Info, as shown below
Figure 9

Second tab is Actions, as shown below

Figure 10

More detail about Actions will be explain separately.

Third tab is Transaction Details, as shown below :

Figure 11

this tab Transaction Details will show you every detail of your transaction, you may scroll down the page to get more detail.