What is DAS?

Digital Asset Solution Coin (DAS) is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency. DAS has its unique proof-of-stake algorithm different way of design comparing with any implementation of the coin age concept used by other proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies and is resistant to so-called nothing at stake attacks. A total quantity of 1 billion available tokens were distributed in the genesis block. Curve25519 cryptography is used to provide a balance of security and required processing power, along with the used of SHA256 hashing algorithms.

Generating Blocks in every 60 seconds, on average, by independent accounts on network nodes. Since the full token supply already exists, DAS is redistributed with the inclusion of transaction fees which are awarded to an account when it successfully creates a block. This process is known as forging and is like the mining concept that are used by other cryptocurrencies. Transactions are deemed safe after 30 block confirmations, and with the DAS current architecture and block size cap allows for the processing of up to 300.000 transactions per day.

DAS transactions are based on a series of core transaction types that are not require any of script processing or transaction input/output processing at the network nodes side. These transactions allow core support for: asset exchange, alias registration, encrypted messages, digital goods store, monetary system, voting system, phased transactions, account control, shuffling, account properties, cloud data DAS core can be recognized as an agile, base-layer protocol upon which a limitless range of services, applications, and other currencies can be built.

Feature Highlight

Proof-of-Stake Consensus

DAS use the system that the more tokens that are held in the account, the greater the chance that account will earn the right to generate a block. The total reward received are located within the block represent the summary of the transaction fees as the result of block generation.

Decentralized Asset Exchange

DAS was the first blockchain to launch a user-friendly and yet fully decentralized asset exchange. Anyone can issue and trade tokens on top of DAS, and orders are matched and executed directly on the blockchain itself.

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If you would prefer, you can first familiarize yourself with DAC by playing around with the Demo.

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